Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Walk Down The Old Railway

Today I took a notebook on a walk with me. What is was written below was done so while sitting here: 

I seem to forget that I have this walk right at the bottom of my road. It's a place where my childhood memories cling to the branches and lie buried under the ever growing weeds. 

I'm not sure if it's here where a love of forests and greenery sprung. I find it so compelling being in and amongst the trees. To have sunlight glowing through the tree tops and making the leaves glow green. It's a beauty I am drawn to and never think to take for granted. Perhaps it's this place. Perhaps its because I associate forests so very strongly with fairy tales and magic. Though describing it as magical itself may be taking things too far. 

It's like I've stepped in to a another world. There is a quiet here that my problems and stress just don't fit in to. I want my brain to calm down so my thoughts can fit in to this place where the only noise is gentle bird song and the whisperings of leaves to one another. As clich√© as this sounds: there is always beauty in the world and you have to remember to look for it. Wow, did I just write that? To add to that, perhaps not going for the obvious beauty but something you've overlooked - makes it something more. 
It's easy to go: "Oh look a sunset. Isn't that nice?"
But to see the same sun brush it's way through a leaf and make the spine of the leaf glow a green that even Crayola couldn't capture - well, that's something else entirely. Maybe more satisfying is what I'm going for. 

Whatever it is, within a wood, a forest, whether I'm there by train or foot- being surrounded by something so green and so untouched -for a while it's all I can do to stare admire. I am out of the world and in to my own. 

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