Thursday, 16 August 2012

We Are Gonna Dance In to the Sea

The title is a lyric from the song 'Ma Cherié'  by DJ Antoine ft. The Beat Shakers. 

In the high likelihood your are unfamiliar with this song, then here is a handy YouTube link.

DJ Antoine

Why the hell is this song made it to my happy place blog when it's so terrible?

Well, I feel as if I should say that I do not like this song itself. Hand on heart, it's just awful. 

But what the song has connected to it is a four day holiday in Spain, Calella. We went out three nights out in a row, one of those included an unexpected foam party. And this song was played every night. I hummed it nearly all day without realising it. 

Hearing it instantly puts me back in the club, covered in foam, slipping all over the dance floor, laughing and just relishing that sense of freedom you can get when being abroad with friends for the first time. And slightly tipsy after a litre cocktail for 5 euros. 

It came on shuffle today (yes, yes it's on my itunes) and I swear the whole time it was on I was just smiling, which you might not think is too bad. Just to throw something to the mix - I was walking along an extremely busy High Street and I must have looked mental but I couldn't help myself. 

This song is a holiday song and despite it's questionable Euro beat and even more questionable lyrics, I can't help but smile when I here it. 

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