Sunday, 19 August 2012

My First Twenty First

On Saturday I went down my friend's Jonny's house for his and his twin brother's 21st. It was a long train ride for me up since he's quite Southern and I'm quite Northern but I thought it would be worth the effort. I hadn't see my flatmates for most of the summer and I was looking forward to seeing them.  

I suppose I should give some back story to this. With regards to university friends I've always regarded myself as much closer to my course mates. With my flat (and I mean the flat below too) I like them and get on with them but sometimes - because some of them their closest friends are each other - I've felt a bit out of it. This party changed that. 

As well as the party itself being incredible, it made me realise just how much I love the people I live with. That night made me realise how much I had missed them and how much fun we all have. As soon as the lads walked down, hugs were exchanged, jager bombs picked up for all and the night went on to be amazing. Before going on to describe the party, what made it so much better was realising what a strong group of friends I have outside of my course. Maybe put more simply: I am part of this friendship group that I thought I am more so on the borderline. They like me (and think I'm a bit odd at the same time.) 

And the party? Well. 

Free bar - not having to worry about paying for drinks, just getting pretty much whatever you want is glorious. Though be warned, it leads to quite the hangover.
Just sitting round the shisha pipe - chatting and catching up and feeling myself slip in to the group, a place that had always been there for me but I'd had doubts about its existence.
The directions to the toilets: 'Follow the candles.' How nice is that?Hog roast. Enough said. 
Appetizers.  A small crumpet with cream cheese, smoked salmon and caviar. I tried caviar. As well as this really tasty chicken and sausage. And jelly babies and other sweets in jars on the table.
Speaking of firsts, I also tried a puff of a cigar.
There was a little bit of dancing. I have to be honest, that bit is a little blurry.

And the best moment?
It got to three in the morning and myself and most of my flat jumped in to the pool - all of us just in our pants. We swam, we sang uni chants and it was one of those moments of elation. It was a moment full of spontaneity, youth, freedom, and being close enough to people to not even be concerned about the fact you were half naked. And to older self for future reference:
Uni chat:
We go somewhere you don't go, you don't you don't
We go somewhere you don't go
(to be sung to the tune of Camptown Races) 

It was such a good night. Guys, if I show this little blog to you, please know that I love you. 

Most of us. Except Leah and Jonny.

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